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Model Railroad

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Plover Family Dental Care has its own HO scale model railroad!

Green Bay & Western HO scale Model Railroad

Green Bay & Western HO scale Model Railroad

When Dr. Gollon was a young boy, his father would take him to Wally's Barber Shop in Plover to get his hair cut.  After getting his hair cut, he would run down the block to the railroad track to watch the Green Bay & Western Railroad switch cars and cross the intersection. 

Plover has grown and changed dramatically since the days when young Roger would watch the train cross Post Road in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  While the Green Bay & Western Railroad has gone on into railroad history, Plover has flourished. 

When he purchased the land for the new office, Dr. Gollon noted that it was just a block away from the old Green Bay & Western mainline.  As a reminder of Plover's past, he has set up a 100 foot HO scale model railroad on the interior of the building.

From young children to senior citizens, many enjoy watching the train make its rounds around the clinic.

A restored Green Bay & Western caboose #617 is on display in Plover, WI, at the Portage County Historical Society of Wisconsin's Museums at Heritage Park.  It is located near the railroad track three and one half blocks north of Plover Road (County Road B) on Washington Street.